• In private practice since 2000|with continuous education including;
  • DNM- Dermoneuromodulation| Diane Jacobs
  • Neural Mobilization|Jon Martine and Rey Allen
  • Advanced Rolfing, E.R.A. Germany| Peter Schwind and Christoph Sommer
  • Manual Articular Spine and Pelvis| Jean Pierre Barral
  • Visceral Manipulation VM1 thru VM5| The Barral Institute
  • Movement/Integration classes| Monica Caspari, Kevin Frank, Caryn McHose
  • Biomechanics of Alignment| Liz Gaggini
  • Basic Rolfing certification from The Rolf Institute Of Structural Integration| Boulder, CO
  • Basic manual therapy training| A.R.E., Cayce-Reilly, Virginia Beach, VA
Rolfing®, Rolfer™, and the Little Boy Logo are service marks of The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®, Boulder, CO
Rolfing Structural Integration at one time was THE most uncomfortable type of bodywork because we thought we were stretching fascia. We are not. The research does not support this out-dated theory, it never did. That is how science works; postulate a theory and see if it holds true. So how does it work? -- Because it does work-- We are still figuring this out but our best guess is that we are directly affecting the nervous system in such a way that allows the body to unwind from long held patterns of dysfunction.
Structural Integration is a very effective holistic bodywork practice and we are in the midst of adjusting our viewpoint on the mechanism of change. So really, nothing much has changed. We still use a range of touch from light to deep to allow your physical body to find itself more upright and comfortable in gravity. Come see me and we will explore what that feels like for you.